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Custom made Solid ear plugs/ swim plug

Swim plugs will stop water from entering your ear canal,  but are not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. 


 We do custom ear plugs made from your ear, that will fit your ear better than universal foam plugs and other store bought plugs. 


This provides better protection from water. 


They are made to the shape of your ear with a soft silicone type of material for maximum comfort. 


 We offer impression taking services to make custom-made swim plugs and  noise plugs ensuring a comfortable fit and protection for your ears during water /noisy activities. 


Custom swim & surf ear plugs are ideal if you enjoy swimming, or just playing in the water/ washing your hair, or surfing.  


 There are a host of bacteria in water which can make you susceptible to ear infections, If you have an ear condition or grommets this can increase the risk.  


Their ‘full shell’ design provides a consistently effective barrier against water ingress during swimming and water sports. 


 Our earplugs provide a medically safe solution to water-borne infection and other auditory complications resulting from water ingress.  


Custom non filtered  plug for sleep/ and noise 


The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well known, but often sleep can be difficult due to night-time noise. 


Our plugs are designed to help reduce ambient noise like snoring partners, noisy neighbours or traffic for a peaceful night’s sleep. 


Traditional  store bought sleeping/ noise earplugs are often uncomfortable and ineffective.  


Our plugs are custom-made just for you from a super-soft silicone material to be comfortable and unobtrusive.  





Custom impressions taken by a qualified audiologist and making custom made ear plugs to fit your ears.

We do impressions for different types of earplugs. 

* Solid plugs 
* Filtered plugs 

Solid Plugs block out noise. It’s that simple, they stop the noise from reaching the inner ear and protect your hearing. 

Filtered plugs allow low sound levels to pass through, allowing more situational awareness than a solid earplug. Inserting filters controls how much sound passes into the ear, allowing communication but protecting from louder noise. 


Our molds are 'direct molded’ hearing protection product.  We use inst-mold material that is very soft and seals well.


We need to see you in person to obtain an impression of the ear.


You can use our earplugs for leisure activities, including: 

* shooting 

* motorbiking 

* sleeping

*  swimming 

* surfing 

* skydiving 

*  concerts 

* construction

*  factory work 

* warehouse work 

* farmers 




 If you are a business owner / college and is considering the provision of custom moulded hearing protection to your workforce/ students, feel free to get in touch to discuss all the options, as we also do group bookings.


For individuals; your ear plugs can be ready within a week, groups can take a bit longer. 








Colours available:


Colours that can be mixed to give a marbled effect, or just a solid colour: 


*  Neon yellow,  

*  neon pink and  

*  neon orange


These colours can be mixed to give a marbled effect, or just a solid colour,  but cannot be mixed with the above material/ colours:


*  white 

* black.


These colours are  solid colours.  I can make a bit of a mix with only 2 colors:


* Blue

* pink

*  orange

*  yellow,

* green





Custom made ear plugs

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